CFC Literary Connections between South Africa and the Lusophone World

We would like to invite chapter submissions for our edited book project tentatively
Literary Connections between South Africa and the Lusophone World
This volume will be dedicated to a timely examination of the literary connections, across linguistic and cultural boundaries, between South Africa and the Portuguese-speaking world.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

● Border writing that examines the cultural-space between Mozambique and South
Africa, and between South Africa and Angola.
● Border crossings that examine migration in general, but especially the case of mine
workers and war refugees in South Africa from Lusophone Africa
● Reciprocal representations of South Africa in the literary scene of Cape Verde, São
Tomé e Príncipe, Guiné-Bissau, Timor Leste, Brazil, and Portugal● Travel literature. The re(visitation) of early European travelogues and new
investigation on non-European travelogues, (auto)biographies
● Representation of inter-related histories (colonisation, and slavery) and cultures.
● Transnational literatures and intellectual traditions from the Global South.
● Oral traditions; Indigenous epistemologies.
● Translation perspectives in literature.
● New readings and revisitation of colonial and canonical literature, for instance The
Lusiads; new investigations on Fernando Pessoa ‘s connections with South Africa

If you are interested in contributing with a chapter, please submit a 250-word
abstract with a short bio to Ludmylla M. Lima ( and Anita de
Melo ( by 31 July 2021. Language of chapters is English.

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