Libro: Achieving Sustaining Peace through Preventive Diplomacy

Preventive diplomacy constitutes an important part of international conflict resolution mechanisms. The countries in the Asia Pacific region have the political will to use preventive diplomacy to address the needs for sustaining peace and security. The challenge is to find approaches compatible with the consensual norms, and operational for tackling conflicts in the regional context. Structured on this thematic challenge, this book aims to present new approaches and practices of preventative diplomacy, inspired by diplomatic innovation of Asia-Pacific countries and around the world, such as adaptive peace approach, continental approach, dominant coalition, and new leadership in peacebuilding, etc., and takes account recent literature on normative issues relating to preventative diplomacy, such as international rule of law, normative entanglements and evolution, the international, impartial and independent mechanism, the evolution of the norm against child soldiers, the implementation of the woman peace and security agenda, and the role of Jus Post Bellum in the UN peace operations. It also examines how geopolitical competition and the recent covid-19 crisis impact the security of the region, and explores the connection between the Belt and Road Initiative and sustaining peace of the region.

This book is a valuable reading on the recent development of approaches and norms of preventative diplomacy and how they can contribute to sustaining peace of the Asia Pacific. It can be used as a text for college students, researchers, and practitioners in the disciplines of international relations, political science, security studies, policy studies, diplomacy, and social issues.

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  • Pages:i–xv

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